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Money stories in 2017

From Brexit to US Tax Cut, from Bitcoin explosion to mega trades, 2017 was a year to remember, both in a good and in a wrong way: Trump, Macron, crises in Catalonia, both victories against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but also the failures regarding London, Manchester and Barcelona. The story goes on with the 6th Nuclear Bomb Test in North Korea, including Donald Trump´s irrational tweets, the #metoo Hollywood movement against sexual harassment, the ``WannaCry`` global cybernetic attacks, Irma Hurricane and the list can go on and on. Against all odds, 2017 was a year of true growth regarding all the major economies.

What is behind a successful business? Better to ask, WHO is behind a successful business? In the age of digitalisation, internet of things and A.I., this answer might be obscure, but HUMANS are still an important resource, using the Internet-weapons to manipulate convince the mases where to put their money and time. Obviously or not, information is still the key to gain both time and money, so let us inform ourselves by tracking some of the most important money stories in 2017.

1. The Retail Apocalypse

It refers to closing a large amount of retails markets, with a loss of more than 17.000 retail jobs only in the US. The movement begun in 2015, but is continuously making victims in this business area. A loss for some means a gain for others: The Walmart online store skyrocketed e-commerce and the king of online shopping, Amazon, propels its CEO Jeff Bezos on top of the world´s richest people, frontloading Bill Gates, with an estimated fortune of 109 Billion Dollars. Furthermore, the Chinese Alibaba Group estimated a 20 Bilion sales during one single day, this past December. The Retail Apocalypse? Works heavenly well for the Online Merchants!

2. Mega Transactions (Mega Mergers)

DowDuPont Inc. is an American company formed after the merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont on August 31, 2017. The company became the largest chemical company regarding sales, after a transaction worth 66 Billion Dollars, in acquisition price. Also, Bayer&Monsanto are “advancing together”, after a merger worth 35 Billion Dollars, transforming the German pharmaceutical and life science multinational in a “multiglobal” enterprise. In the same business area, Praxair(US) buys Linde(Germany) and ChemChina takes over Sygenta(SUIS) after a 42 Billion Dollars payment. It looks like the demand of medicines grows real business empires. The total amount of transactions money are two or three times larger than the largest deals seen in the past decade. Until 2017, no transaction has included more than 20 Billion Dollars.

3. The “get rich quick fever”

Back in 2009 an unknown person or a group of people called Satoshi Nakamoto inveted the BITCOIN, a famous cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It was first sold for a few dollars, but is now worth 16.000 Dollars. (has grown from 5.000 to 16.000 in only one month) It would have been great to predict the future, but we never know what 2018 might bring…Paraphrasing Shakespeare: TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY, this is the question!

What about Consilo’s story in 2017? There are a lot of things to talk about, so let me sum up everything for you. Last year was about growing strong, because not only the number of our agents has grown from a few to 50, but we are also looking forward to opening our second workstation. Regarding performance, we exceed 7000 sales/month, by working harder and training even more. This is one of the reason why our partnerships are more enhanced now, but also because we developed a stronger security system for the personal data. Is there more to say? YES! We established both an office in Germany and an IT department who already built a great application regarding optimising aftersales, and we are proud for being awesome in 2017.

What do we want from 2018? A great international partner added to our portfolio, finishing up our new workstation and consolidating our teams. What do you want? Until next week, keep brainstorming for the best business ideas and do not forget that YOU are able to change the way business is made! Be a 2018 success story and conquer the world!


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