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Every story has a beginning…

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Every story has a beginning…

And every beginning has its story, as well as Consilo became our personal tale of achieving success in business. I am certainly not talking by being drunk with a huge amount of pride and self-satisfaction. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with economical results or significant partnerships. Consilo is a compilation of stories, the stories of its people, each and one of us being responsible for the everyday growth and evolution process. Including YOU! The concept of “friends in business” is not only a motto, but our inner core, without whom Consilo would have never been able to become what it is today: a family of friends, prepared and used to help others.

What does this blog want? To keep track with our personal experience, being a diary of our business and human heritage, because each moment, situation, change and person is a part of what a real company should be. But this is not all, because the important topics of the economical world and the interesting parts of the business environment will not be ignored, but discussed and therefore, YOU, dear reader, are able to change the dynamic of our idea exchange process. I must admit: Yes, we are open and interactive, which means that we are waiting for your questions and solutions anytime. Furthermore, this incredible adventure that heads upon us, brings us the opportunity to experience both success and failure, by forever wanting to achieve a better version of ourselves.

I must confess, dear reader, our first words shared with YOU created a fictional bound between us, and we already became partners. You will not learn from the best ones, but we will certainly learn to become the best version of ourselves, by finding answers even there where there were no questions before. We can assure you that your absence will be a loss not only for us, but also for you. Sharing is caring, even if there is business involved. Let us build a society where each and one of us has the chance to make mistakes, because failure is actually the first step in being successful.

During our journey together, we will discover the secrets hidden behind top entrepreneurs, business successes and best ways of reaching our clients. What does a happy client mean? That is for you to find out, by joining us in creating the Consilo’s Blog World and transforming this virtual meeting in a real friendship.

“Be the change You want to see in the world”(Gandhi). Furthermore, be the change you want to see in your business! BE BUSINESS, ACT BUSINESS, SHARE BUSINESS! LET US BE FRIENDS IN BUSINESS because Christmas business is all around!

We wish you to experience lots of new achievements in 2018! May this year become your fresh start, with opportunities of developing and potentiating the way you are today. Happy New Year, 2018! Happy New You!

Until next time,

Your Friends from Consilo

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