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Business tools

The telephone? Exceeded, but still useful? Business opportunities are easier to get today: Email, LinkedIn, Xing, business meeting events, specialised platforms, blogs, vlogs and so on. Companies are forever assaulted with texts and videos, offers, business requests, Inmails, and a lot of other virtual common contacting methods. Linked to the internet, companies mostly forget about one of their most important and effective tools: the telephone.

The fact that emails are more preferred, compared with the calls, transforms a simple call into an ideal weapon, a natural and spontaneous way of contracting new deals.

Cold Calling

After prospecting the market, we select our potential clients and structure their main information. After that comes the adventure of an unforeseeable, cold call. Or...not! If we do not forget our goals after the first Hallo, we might be able to transform a conversation into a business opportunity.

After a brief presentation, we get along with the classical value proposition: „ We are, for instance, a Romanian company specialised in distance selling services and we are used to help other companies, such as You, to deliver same quality results, but with a considerable cost reduction.” To make things clearer and concreter, we could complete it with a short example. „One of our recent projects involves a multinational company, for whom we sell with a 40% conversion rate. They drastically reduced their costs by hiring one single person instead of 30- 40 agents, just after beginning to work with us. Less spending, less responsibility for the same amount of quality results.” After that, we will have to check the interest with a clever question: „Would You like to discover some new opportunities for Your own company? May I send You an email with more information?”

Of course, you might meet a lot of negative individuals, but keep up with the optimism for your next call! You might get a new deal in just a few moments.

What advantages does a call bring you?

  • We get to find out who the responsible person regarding our matter is;

  • The emotional part could have a positive impact;

  • A precedent is created- that next call will be more direct;

  • We are sure that somebody is really receiving our information;

  • We have the freedom to change every piece of information, by knowing what the client wants;

  • We have the chance to get direct questions and answers, with no delay;

  • We can make a general idea regarding the client’s needs and interests;

• Our information does not end up in Spam;

• The greatest advantage of calling is the fact that the majority is ignoring its power, and the customer might be more available through this contacting method.

We, the people from Consilo, know the potential and importance of a simple call. We try transform every second in a potential sale. The fact that we cherish each and every detail, that we are used to deliver conversations instead of scripts, in which we try to listen and understand our customers, gave us the opportunity to work with huge international and national partners.

Every call is a step ahead, a beginning for your business, your chance to tell other WHO you are, WHAT you do and to deliver spontaneous solutions, calibrated to your client’s needs.

Good luck with that!

Your friends in business, The Consilo Web Team

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