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The founder and CEO of the company is Mihai Alexandru Dăncilă, with more than 6 years experience in sales management and sales manager coaching, and over 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry at Orange Romania, where he started with an entry-level job and later had several projects local and national level coordinated.


Mihai excelled in the national project based on the results achieved by coaching the sales teams, where he was responsible for implementing a new service of the company in over 90 sales teams with more than 600 employees.


In 2015, he built the Furnicuele brand (the ants), a cleaning company. After selling this brand to an investment fund just 8 months after its launch, he focused his attention on the development of the Consilo HR brand, under which he created and supported various coaching and sales training projects.


Since 2016, Mihai has returned to the telecommunications industry through the Consilo WEB project, working with one of the world's largest telecommunications service providers. Since then, Consilo Web has been outsourcing telesales - customer retention .


Behind Mihai, there is currently a team of over 30 specialists with sales experience - including members of administrative, HR or quality teams - some of whom have been internally "educated" through workplace education and training programs.

Mihai Dancila


Consulting and training

Outsourcing sales services


Consulting and training for sales teams:


Give your teams a significant impact on developing sales and customer service skills. As part of our training programs, we use as examples situations that have occurred in Romanian companies.


With over 10 years of sales management experience, we offer an efficient advisory concept that trains the skills of your sales teams directly on the battlefield.


Our activities take place in your sales teams so that we can properly identify the seller's activities and customer feedback. Each session ends with a specific plan designed to improve performance. We also actively participate in follow-up actions for the established plan.


The first step in our actions is the goal: A goal must be big enough to be hard to reach and realistic enough to be fulfilled. The goals are set in the control area of ​​your company and are based on action and time systems that lead to fulfillment.


Our costs are based on success. Our motto, "Friends in business", is our desire that the relationship between us, your company and the customer is as positive as possible.


A significant portion of our costs are directly related to the team results after our meetings.


B2B and B2C sales by telephone:

Generation and qualification of leads;

Acquisition of new customers;

Customer loyalty and retention;


Creation and administration of the customer portfolio;

On demand:

We create teams for field projects both B2B and B2C;

Customer support by phone or e-mail;

Services to promote your company's products and services by telephone or e-mail (telemarketing);

IT & C

Custom CRM web applications

Applications for automated SMS management and messaging (integrated with other web-based applications) Create Web-based applications for project and task management

Create various web applications to monitor employee activity

Create applications for managing events and reservations and manage them efficiently


Create automated web applications to facilitate customer retention

Web apps for pricing and price analysis

Other personalized, web-based programs based on applications from beneficiaries

Why to externalize?

You reduce your personnel costs. You only need one person to stay in contact with your external partner;

You reduce your time and effort previously allocated to the outsourced activities;

You can use your stored internal resources to achieve other business goals;

You gain a competent partner, who both fulfills the sales goals of the company and the associated risks;

They transfer the burden of the sales processes to the external partner, who deals with it on a daily basis and thus has the competence and specialization for a professional service;

You gain an advantage over the competition;

Your customers benefit from increased attention and quality services;

If necessary, you will be supported in the internalization of your sales processes.



Șos. Sibiului 2, Parter, Șelimbar, Sibiu, Romania

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